Reformer on the Cadillac (PORTUGUESE)

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Follow the order of the Reformer exercises on the Cadillac for an amazing advanced workout! Alexandra gets you set up with everything you need to flow through the entire Reformer order and finish with a glow. Visit Alexandra at True Pilates Blackheath.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Juliane
    Juliane 5 months ago

    I loved lhe stretch (Mermaid) after Side Bend with the Roll Bach Bar ! Thank you !!!

  2. juaraujo
    juaraujo 5 months ago

    Amo todas as suas aulas, Alexandra 💓!
    Mas já que pediu sugestões, poderia ser Tower ou Spine Corrector!
    Obrigada!!! ☺️

  3. Alexandra Bohlinger Author

    Muito obrigada!! Alguma sugestão para o que gostaria em aulas em Português? Beijinhos xx

  4. juaraujo
    juaraujo 5 months ago

    Alexandra maravilhosa!!! 👏🏻❤️

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