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Women Doing Men’s Exercises

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Many Pilates exercises were originally designed for men but nowadays women do them anyway. Learn Sandy Shimoda’s tricks and tips on how to apply the Standing Arm Springs to a female body. Her student Lesley Logan demonstrates as she explains modifications and connections that make these as valuable for the girls as they are for the guys. Visit Sandy at Vintage Pilates.

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  1. Gyl Gunstream 2 months ago

    The title of this video reminded me of when I was a personal trainer and got a set of elastic bands many years ago. There was an instruction chart that came with it and indicated which bands for women and which for men. The black band was labeled “n/a” to women. I always called that band my “not applicable black band” and my women clients used it all the time :).

  2. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 2 months ago

    Oh, the best! All those little tweaks are killer Sandy tweaks. SO good! #GirlsDoJoe!

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