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It’s Tower Time! If you love the lengthening and toning effect of the Pilates springs, this class will be an instant favorite. Clare works the springs to the max and her clear, simple cues make it easy to get results. It’s a crazy hard workout as well as a lot of fun, especially if you love the Push Through Bar. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. ckthomson
    ckthomson 3 years ago

    Love the top-loaded push thru bar sequence and semicircle. Thank you!

  2. Clare Dunphy Hemani Author
    Clare Dunphy Hemani 6 years ago

    Hey Joesmat,
    So nice to see you are following the journey into the apparatus. Have you tried adapting apparatus to the mat? With all your great ideas I bet you could come up with something great:) What you see on the videos is only a snapshot of the what we do in the studio all day long. But the apparatus is there as the teachers “helper” so the student can get the feeling in their body. The matwork is the most challenging of all, that’s why Joe invented the other apparatus.

    • joesmat 6 years ago

      I very much appreciate your replies and encouragement.

      You asked – Have you tried adapting apparatus to the mat?
      Yes, very much so. I observe the Apparatus work, and in my mind liken it to the mat practice and try to see how I can simulate it in my body and get the benefits of Joe Pilates Apparatus without actually having any.
      I believe it is achievable, but, I will be in trouble for suggesting such a thing!

  3. bethemont sylvie 6 years ago

    This player seems to be quite a good idea, I was not able to see the vidéo on a full screen which could be ok but i Could not stop the vidéo anymore when it was playing and for me it is very inconvénient. So I hope all the vidéos are not going to be like this one

  4. Alisa Wyatt

    Hi Folks! We are testing a new “player” with this video right now. If you are having any streaming issues today ( April 7th ) please just refresh the page. This should bring in the new player for you all to check out!!
    Notice the ability to jump ahead and back 20 seconds, plus the ability to speed up or slow down the video in general. Let me know what you think!!

    Thanks- Jack

    • Martin 6 years ago

      While I have almost always found the players on your site to be very reliable, I have to say that this is the best to date. Streaming is very smooth, consistent and predictable with minimal lag time. Can’t wait for the whole site to be like this. 🙂

  5. joesmat 6 years ago

    Well this was lovely to observe and see the practitioners (Instructors of course!) flowing through the exercises, with minimum of words and some hands on guidance.
    Not often we see the SQUAT. Seldom see the SQUAT with one leg. Again, this can be done without Apparatus.
    Why don’t you offer the same exercise routine, maybe using a pole or bar in place of the Push through Bar, and do it all on a MAT!
    That would be a Pilates Challenge don’t you think Clare!
    Thank you.

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