Pre Pilates for Injury Recovery with Victoria Torrie Capan

Pre Pilates for Injury Recovery

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Learn how to use Pre Pilates exercises to assess and work with clients who have had injuries. These exercises are especially helpful after injury because they improve proprioception, awareness and range of motion. Because most injuries happen when we are being careless with our movements, these exercises will also give you better movement patterns when you are on autopilot and reduce your chances of re-injuring yourself. Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66.

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  1. Pilatesforever91 3 years ago

    Very interesting!!!!

  2. pilatesangel 3 years ago

    Love this! Strap work reminds me of KG. Wonderful progressions ! Thank you Victoria!

  3. drmlcarter 3 years ago

    Fantastic video easy to understand exercises.

  4. Gaia Faggiani
    Gaia Faggiani 3 years ago

    It’s so much of information explained in the simplest and clearest way. Thank you Vic!

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