Pilates Beginner Mat w/ Victoria Torrie-Capan

Plank It Out Workout

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Grab a set of 1-2 pound arm weights and join Victoria for a mat workout that will strengthen the skills you need for the Pilates Plank position. This key position happens throughout every Pilates workout and doing it well strengthens your core and builds healthy shoulders and hips. Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates66 on New York City’s Upper East Side.

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  1. Dawn Connellan 2 years ago

    great connection breakdown

  2. Awesome, I was watching whilst doing some cooking, had to rewind and do the session, my shoulder stability thanks you

  3. Pilatesthebody
    Pilatesthebody 2 years ago


  4. Nikibarker 4 years ago

    Always love Victoria’s sessions.

  5. Fernanda Dutra 6 years ago

    As always, I love the way you explain it, this so delicate and precise conections! Thank you so Much!

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