Case Study: Strategies for Kyphosis

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In this brilliant observational session, Victoria demonstrates the techniques she used to drastically improve her student David's kyphosis. When he starting Pilates 5 years ago, his upper back was extremely tight and bent forward and when he tried to fix it, it made his lower back collapse. Victoria found that working on the Reformer didn’t help him, instead she took him to other places in the studio where David was able to use his center with support. She then taught him how to transfer what he was learning to standing up so he could understand how to work against gravity to find the length he needs in the spine. Victoria uses the Pedipole, Ladder Barrel, mat, Wunda Chair and a long pole. Filmed at Pilates on 66th, Victoria’s studio on NYC’s Upper East Side.


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  1. Nikki Anderson
    Nikki Anderson 4 years ago

    Fantastic lesson great insight

  2. mostah 4 years ago

    you’re a lovely instructor Victoria!
    greetings from Holland (

  3. mlmllm68 4 years ago

    I’m very interesting in this type of client . It’s possible to follow him in others session as you mentioned ? ( caddillac and mat)
    Grazie Victoria many ideas from you.

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