Vintage Pilates Chairs and Barrels Assessment for The Work with Sandy Shimoda

Chairs & Barrels Assessment

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This class on the Chairs, Barrels and Pedipole is directed at Pilates instructors who are looking to enter Vintage Pilates’ teachers program: The Work, led by First Generation Teacher Jay Grimes. The class covers the exercises and skills that are required for entrance into the program. (There are 3 videos on this topic. You can find the other 2 here: Chairs Flow Assessment & Barrels Flow Assessment). Sandy takes Andrea and Ken through the session as she would for an actual assessment, watching to see that each of them know how to set up, how to practice the exercises, and how they might adjust the exercise for their own body. She also offers notes on what she is looking for in an assessment, for instance, where a movement originates or what she wants to see in a body as it works. Apparatus covered includes: Spine Corrector, Large Barrel, Pedi Pole, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair. To download Vintage's requirements for The Work, including a complete list of the exercises in this assessment, please CLICK HERE. Filmed at Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. nicoletta

    Thank you Sandy! I will have my assesment tomorrow and you are helping me to understand the right focus and soul of each exercises! I never enjoyed my self with this equipments before now, never understood how I can use them with my clientsvto help their weakness parts! Sorry for my English I hope you can understand what I say!
    Thanks pilatesology we need you and your work!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Nicoletta, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I understand your English perfectly and I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to know that how much you are getting as a student and as a teacher. The credit goes to you for your hard work and willingness to continue learning. Cheers to Pilatesology for helping to spread the word!

  2. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Hello! In Jay’s exercise the feet will likely NOT touch. Concentrate more on keeping the hips open and the upper thighs in place as you move.

    As for doing this exercise on the mat – doing so would change the exercise. You must remember that Joe built the each apparatus for a specific purpose, otherwise he would have just invented a mat. Notice that the positioning of the entire torso is changed by being on the barrel, allowing this exercise to be supported by your center.

  3. Elin 8 years ago

    Hi. I just loved watching this. I look forward to meeting you Sandy in Phoenix next weekend. I agree with Judy. the instructors had great control but it was also wonderful listening to Sandy as well. I would say a perfect balance!

    Elin Benson

  4. I give this a 5 star +

  5. This was just wonderful! Both teachers did so well in keeping the control of the movement! I could watch this all over again! I will absolutely save this to watch at a later date! Sandy’s voice is so soothing and direct at the same time. Such a skill! I love listening to your voice!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      I agree that Ken and Andrea have a great balance of control and movement in all the exercises. Needless to say, they both passed their assessments! I am so lucky to have such great teachers to work with.

  6. joesmat 8 years ago

    I really enjoyed studying and observing the Spine Corrector Exercises.
    I was absolutely intrigued to see Jay’s Exercise demonstrated.
    When you open the legs, you point and flex the feet each time…Is my understanding correct?
    So you point the feet with the big toes touching when you bring the feet together, and flex the feet – heels touch for the next repetition….Am I correct?
    Any reason why one cannot simply do this as a mat exercise?
    Thanking you for sharing this gem Vintage Pilates.

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Hi Colin, I love the spine corrector. It is one of my favorite pieces of apparatus because of the way it helps me stretch and move my back. As for your question about doing Jay’s Exercise as a mat exercise – you must always remember that Joe constructed each piece of equipment and apparatus for a specific reason. Notice the position of the back and hips when Ken and Andrea’s bodies are on the spine corrector. It changes the way Jay’s exercise feels in the hips and in the low spine. If done without the spine corrector it just isn’t the same exercise.

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