Case Study: Julia’s Crooked Hips

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Julia was having knee and hamstring pain from running and when her Pilates teacher used the techniques in this video to correct her crooked hips, her pain immediately disappeared. Filmed at Lauren’s studio Pilates Seattle International offering Pilates, Physical Therapy and Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training.  

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  1. aubergine22 6 years ago

    It’s one thing to say, “Pay attention to details”. What I loved about your instruction is that you actually pointed out the particular details to which we instructors need to pay our focused attention and how to use heavy tactile cueing to help . Thank you, Lauren. Very helpful. Oh, could you explain what you meant by how you could identify exactly how she pulled her hamstring–from when she did the twisty turny movement on rolling like a ball. (mentioned minute 5:55ish)

  2. Tulsa King 6 years ago

    This is really interesting to me given I have similar pain when running. Was there an inequality in strength on one side of the body compared to the other that contributed to the imbalance?

  3. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    Thanks, Lauren. Helpful tips and focus points for clients. Look forward to seeing more with the foot corrector sometime.

  4. lghammerle

    Hi Lauren, were Julia’s crooked hips apparent in her walking gait prior to you fixing them and does she walk now with pelvic stability? Also, did her crooked hips cause her any low back pain? Thank you!

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