Case Study: Camilo’s Hamstring Repair

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Cary demonstrates what she did with her student Camilo when he strained his hamstring in a yoga class. This short session on the Wunda Chair relieved the tension and pain in his hamstring and hip by bringing circulation to the injury. Visit Cary at Uptown Pilates West Village where this session was filmed.

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  1. Kerry 3 years ago

    Cary is wonderful. And I smiled the whole time, they were so adorable together! Thank you.

  2. pilatesangel 3 years ago

    Thanks Alisa for sharing Cary’s work. The profound experience and laser vision is so evident even through the humor and wit. What a treat it must be to work with her!

  3. Marilyn Hinson 3 years ago

    Cary is so amazing. Wish I lived in NY – would definitely study with her Thank you for having her here.

  4. joesmat 3 years ago

    I do like this Instructors work.
    Hoping to see along in depth Mat from her! SOON on Pilatesology.

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