Interview w/ Blossom Leilani Crawford

Built by Joe: Original Pilates Apparatus at Bridge Pilates

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The Reformer, Pedipole, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and props shared by Blossom Leilani Crawford in this video were handmade by Joe Pilates for the studio at Henri Bendel's Department Store that Kathy Grant ran for many years. Blossom was Kathy's longtime assistant and Kathy gave these pieces to her for use in her own studio. She tells stories about digging these out of storage and shows off unique features, for instance, the Pedipole is adjustable and has a stacked bottom as well as a flange for a seat, there's a flat footbar that was used on a Reformer and much more. It's a glimpse into Pilates history that's not to be missed! Visit Blossom's studio Bridge Pilates, in Brooklyn, New York where these vintage apparatus are used on a daily basis.

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  1. AHORRY 3 years ago

    Blossom I was with Bob Liekens today and he mentioned you had some of the apparatus Joe built for Kathi for Bendel’s.. I couldn’t wait to watch this video… I love the Pedi-pole adjustments. .Goes to show Joe did not standardise his equipment. . Somehow it makes one knowledge that he adopted the same principle for the exercises as well!! This is just so interesting..thank you so much for your generosity to share it with us. If only others had your same ethics xxxxx

  2. ANNANNA 5 years ago

    just a quick aesthetics question from a visual artist:) do you know the name of the brown shade of vinyl on the refurbished reformer – and also the reformer in the back – both shades look so nice! (I’ve looked at the gratz upholstery color swatch, but it’s hard to tell…) thanks!

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 5 years ago

      Hi! I don’t remember the exact color of the browns I used. I want to say the vintage one was chestnut or oak. I bet if you took a screen shot of the upholstery colors, Gratz can help you match it. If they can’t, I can try…( Good luck!

  3. atmock 6 years ago

    So interesting to see the adjustable Pedi-Pole! Especially with the little bottom lip. I wonder why the current version made isn’t like this?

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      I wonder if there are several versions of a pedi-pole? Maybe the one I have was a variation of something. I do love it and I think it is a great idea. Thanks for watching!

  4. Jon Hawkins

    Fabulous toys. (Runs to Home Depot to get extra bit of wood to stick to pedipole base) Thank you Blossom and Alisa!

  5. So interesting! Thank you!

  6. Ynowak 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the comment about the older Reformer not having ‘power steering’! What a great way to put it.

  7. lghammerle

    That PediPole is so interesting! Being adjustable it can accommodate clients that are really tall or really short and give them a better spring resistance for their body. Thank you for sharing this video!

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