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Elaine Ewing discovered an old instructional poster of Joe Pilates on a Ped-O-Pul that was unique from anything previously seen. in it, Joe’s instructions were very specific and the apparatus had a bike seat! The poster also cleared up an ongoing mystery as to the correct spelling (it's Ped-O-Pul, not Pedipole or PediPull). Elaine took the poster to Silvia at Pilates Designs who took measurements of Blossom Leilani Crawford's original Ped-O-Pul (see our video about Blossom’s Ped-O-Pul here). In this video, Elaine and Sean Gallagher demonstrate it's features, how to adjust it and how to perform several of exercises from the poster, according to Joe's exact instructions. Thanks to Sean Gallagher who owns Joe Pilates' Becket, MA studio and Elaine Ewing from Rhinebeck Pilates for sharing this incredible find!

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  1. DKimbro 3 months ago

    So excited about this Ped-O-Pul! Thank you for demonstrating and sharing it’s features and exercises. I love the detail in Joe’s exact instructions and how challenging it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. LittleEngine 5 months ago

    I agree! When/where will the poster be shared? Exciting!

  3. robertapilates 5 months ago

    Great news!!! I can’t wait to actually see the poster and the exercises!! Thankssss

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