Ballet Stretches for Non Dancers

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The ballet stretches on the Cadillac are not just for ballet dancers! They’re much better taught to regular people who actually need these fantastic stretches. Junghee shares tips for getting maximum results with your clients, such as how to set up your Cadillac, hands on spotting for optimal stretch and alignment and more. Our thanks to Can-Do Fitness where Junghee teaches and this video was filmed.

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  1. Lavosky
    Lavosky 3 months ago

    It feels good to be back to doing ballet stretches after a convalescence post-surgery. Your cueing gems are so helpful in getting the most out of the exercise as well as teaching it to clients.

    DAYDDA 4 years ago

    I love it!!! I caught myself stretching while I was watching the video. Junghee your way of teaching is very clearly and understanble, thanks!

  3. Luna
    Luna 4 years ago

    Looks so stretched. I will try this! Thank you 🙂

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 4 years ago

      Isn’t it so stretched out? Thank you Luna!

  4. I love the ballet stretches on the Cadillac! Junghee, You teach it so well! I remember when you taught a workshop at my studio at Lake Wallenpaupack and I was the body! It was so much fun. What a stretch 🙂

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 4 years ago

      Oh My Judy! Yes I remember that!!! 😀

  5. Pedro Pereira de Ferreira

    very nice Junghee!!!! I remember you giving me those stretches when you visited me at my studio in Oporto, Portugal 😀

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 4 years ago

      Sure Pedro! I didn’t forget! I still think of the time when I visit you!!! Love Portugal and your studio!!!

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