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Victoria leads this short series on the Airplane Board with her student Chloe. Watch and learn as she gives great tips on how and when to use the Airplane Board so you can reach your goals. With Victoria's pointers you and your clients will be flying in no time! If you are in the New York area, schedule a class with Victoria Torrie Capan at Pilates66.  

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    So helpful!! I just received my new Airplane Board and appreciate all of the detail and safety guidelines. Thank you!!!

  2. PILATESDURHAM 2 years ago

    Very helpful! I’m itching to try this with a client who has ankles that want to dorsiflex for everytning, especially matwork. I’m going to watch to see if the airplane board helps them open their ankles & find plantarflexion, and if they can’t, maybe it will help me spot why it’s so hard for them. Can’t wait to try this on my body too (whilst listening to Victorias cues)… I have my own compensations to iron out!

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