Fall in love with the Classical System of Pilates

Fall In Love with the Classical System of Pilates

Are you ready to fall in love with the Classical System of Pilates? Look no further than the groundbreaking series crafted by Pilates expert Fabien Menegon. With his expertise and dedication, Fabien introduces practitioners to the Classical Pilates System, offering a unique opportunity to experience all of the benefits while understanding the method created by Joseph Pilates.

Fabien Menegon has meticulously designed three series, each aimed at expanding your skillset, sculpting your physique, and instilling a profound appreciation for the Classical Pilates method. These series, collectively known as “Steps of the Classical System,” provide an immersive experience into Joseph Pilates’ visionary system, promising practitioners a balanced Pilates body and renewed vitality.

Let’s delve into each of these transformative programs:

6 Step Classical Mat: Light up your core and unlock your body’s potential with this progressive mat series. Through a carefully crafted sequence of exercises, you’ll unravel tight spots, cultivate deep core stability, and gain insight into the logic behind the Pilates method. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, this program offers something for everyone, empowering you to excel in your Pilates journey.

8 Step Classical Reformer: Curious about your Pilates prowess? The 8 Step Classical Reformer series is your pathway to self-discovery. Delve into the intermediate repertoire as you uncover and address your weak spots with Fabien’s expert guidance. With a step-by-step approach, you’ll master the complete sequence, honing your skills and elevating your Pilates practice to new heights.

7 Step Classical System: Achieve the Pilates body of your dreams with this comprehensive series designed for use with studio apparatus. Targeting stiff spots, addressing asymmetries, and enhancing neuromuscular coordination, these workouts offer a transformative experience rooted in Joseph Pilates’ original teachings. Discover how his method can revolutionize your body and invigorate your practice.

About Fabien Menegon

Born in France, Fabien Menegon was dedicated from an early age to the cultivation of the physical body. His first specialties were in gymnastics and ballet. While residing in the Netherlands, Fabien had his first contact with the Pilates method in The Hague. Fabien continued to refine his knowledge of Pilates at The Art of Control and in 2001, began his certification at the Authentic Pilates Studio in Seattle under the direction of Dorothee Vandewalle. Later, he traveled to New York to study and become certified under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Pace Mejia. Fabien is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Teachers of Pilates and in 2003 opened his own studio & training program at Centre Pilates, in the heart of Barcelona.


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