What Pilates Can and Can’t Do for Your Feet

What Pilates can and can't do for your feet

Are you struggling with foot issues like pain, bunions, hammertoe, or flat arches? If so, you’re not alone. Through targeted exercises and mindful footwear choices, you can strengthen the muscles in your feet, improve flexibility, and correct imbalances that may be contributing to your foot problems.

One of the most transformative exercises for your feet is the simple act of gripping a towel or small ball with your toes. Incorporating Pilates exercises like these into your routine—even while watching TV or sitting at your desk—can lead to significant improvements over time. The key is consistency; aim to do these exercises at least three times a week to see results.

To guide you on your journey to healthier feet, I’ve curated a selection of videos featuring our Pilates experts that inspired me in my own journey to improve my feet. Read to the bottom to learn about the changes I’ve made to my footwear.

  • Niedra’s Feel Good Feet: This quick workout features one of the most transformative foot exercises ever invented. Watch here

  • Jessica’s Bunion Fix: Gentle yet effective, this routine focuses on correcting metatarsal alignment and improving strength and mobility. Watch here

  • Clare’s Foot Tune-Up: A simple series of exercises that work the toes, feet, and calves in all planes of motion, promoting deep strength and better balance to the whole system. Watch here

  • Nicole’s Pilates Foot Fix: For a deeper dive into foot health, Nicole shares all of the feel-good tools she’s used to restore her own feet after years of performing in the Broadway show Lion King. Watch here

But it’s not just about exercise; footwear plays a crucial role in foot health as well. A huge game changer in my own foot journey has been switching my shoes. It’s been a gradual process over the last two years with plenty of trial and error with shoes that didn’t fit or that I found ugly and unfashionable.

Then I found Anya’s Shop, a blog that helped me figure out what barefoot brands work for my feet and style. I still love my heels but swapping out the shoes I wear to exercise, hike and walk around in makes me never want to cram my toes into too-narrow shoes ever again.

By swapping out traditional shoes for ones that allow my feet to move naturally, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in foot comfort and health. And to make things even better, Anya has generously offered a discount code for her shop, making it easier for you to find the perfect pair of barefoot shoes for your needs. Use code PILATES10 for 10% off any full-priced item (valid until March 31st, 2024).

So here’s to healthy, strong feet! Whether you’re struggling with foot pain or simply looking to prevent future issues, Pilates and mindful footwear choices can make all the difference in your journey to happy feet.


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