Member Spotlight: Lourene’s 10 Year Pilatesology Anniversary

Pilatesology Member Spotlight - Lourene

“Thanks for investing in your company and growing over the years. You make it easy for me to make an investment… in me.”

In today’s Pilatesology Member Spotlight, Lourene just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with Pilatesology! Read her story below!

Today is my 10 year anniversary with Pilatesology!

When I first joined in 2014, I had a roll up yoga mat and was so excited to find an affordable way to start practicing Pilates without needing to make an appointment. At this time, I worked full time and went to grad school full time, which equals negative time for myself. Working out online was way less common back then, but a subscription service was my only option. I could learn the foundations as slowly as I wanted, mess up and no one was there to see it. It was great.

Then after years of saving up, I got a Gratz Reformer for my house. A whole new world was opened up to me in Pilates and all I had to do was filter Reformer classes and I was there. No dust on my Reformer, thanks to you.

The mat is all you, nothing else which has been a great way to grow in learning Pilates concepts like the box and the powerhouse. The Reformer gives you a lot of tactile feedback and helps me physically align to the principles I learned first on the mat. I quickly learned the sound of softly closing the carriage in that final inch and the sound of the foot straps when climbing down that tree.

Pilatesology Member, Lourene

The variety of teachers helped me really get the concept and purpose of classical exercises. When I practice by myself without a mirror, I have learned the intention of the movement because I have heard so many teachers describe it in so many ways. Sometimes I could do something for years, then a teacher in a new class describes a prompt in such a different way it clicks and it’s a game changer!

I love that Pilatesology is Classical Pilates, true to the source as they say. The way you can filter and search for classes by teacher, apparatus or class length takes the analysis paralysis out of trying something new. When a teacher and I vibe, I put it in my library for when I need to take the guess work out of squeezing in a workout. Nothing has helped my consistency of practice more than Pilatesology.

Pilatesology member, Lourene

There are many pillars of thought in Pilates, but I recommend if you’re just starting out to focus on one specifically, quality over quantity. I think Pilates has one of the highest returns on investment over the long term if you treat your valuable time with purpose and intention. I wish we all treated ourselves in a way that allowed us to get to our goals when and only when it was our time to do so. It requires hard work and consistency, of course, but Pilates teaches you to listen to your body for feedback and cues. YOUR body, not mine, not your teacher’s and not the person next to you. Create quality in each exercise and in no time you will build the intelligence within your body reaping the rewards of a better you.  Oh yeah, and at the exact same time… have fun! 

Pilatesology Member, Lourene

I’ve been training for years to complete my bucket list trip, the Ernest Shackleton Crossing on South Georgia Island. Most of the technical mountaineering requires a really strong core. I said to myself, “I know the people to go to for that!” I just returned from my trip and saw it’s a big year for us, the big 10!

Thanks for investing in your company and growing over the years. You all make it very easy for me to make an investment… in me.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Lourene! We’re so proud of you!!

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