Wunda Chair Flow

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This Wunda chair workout moves through the classical order with a flowing pace and variations that get harder as you go, requiring more control and concentration. Challenge your strength and balance with Push Ups, Teasers and for a grand finale, The Star.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Harmonyblu 2 years ago

    This was much needed. Thx!

  2. Amy Barzdukas
    Amy Barzdukas 7 years ago


    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Amy every time I see you on here it makes me go workout, thank you for motivating me!!

  3. Andrea Maida
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    Such a great class! Alisa you have such wonderful images to share so all the body parts stay in the right places. I particularly loved the guns shooting out from both hips to point you forward – ha ha
    Thanks I needed this workout today and was not motivated myself until I pushed play 🙂

  4. TStacey 8 years ago

    Yes more wunda chair workouts please! I see how pele would want an express version but at the same time I would not want to miss out on all the amazing ques!

  5. pele 8 years ago

    I hope to see more chair workouts since there are only a handful… How about an express version for busy folks with less talk? Not that I dislike talk, but for busy days.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      We have more chair workouts on the way soon and I love your suggestion for a down-and-dirty less talk, lots of action version. Thank you!!

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