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If you’re ready to work hard and open up your body, join Niedra and her student Angel for a series that will work you to the max! No props needed just you and a mat that you can roll on comfortably. Visit Niedra at her website:

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  1. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    It was so nice to work out with you this morning! I love how you broke down saw, you were able to keep the movement happening, but really defined all the essences of the exercise. The splits in the side kicks were always a favorite variation of mine too and the deep stretch in the teaser, all the best indulgences! Thank you!

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 5 years ago

      Thankyou fro your post Kara, lovely to work with you… ! I am thrilled you enjoyed the video and am equally thrilled to be sharing the privilege of both of us being guest presenters in Bejing in November. – I look forward to getting to know you personally and sharing our vision of Pilates in China, coming up soon.

  2. Angela Leone
    Angela Leone 6 years ago

    That was amazing! A nice early a.m workout after a hard chair workout yesterday. It felt soo good! Thank You

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 6 years ago

      I am smiling Angela, I too did a workout this morning, out of bed, so I ” feel with you”. isn’t it wonderful to workout again, after working out? this is a good addiction.

  3. Katie 6 years ago

    This is such a great workout, I love it. The variations are excellent. Thanks so much.

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 5 years ago

      You are very welcome Katie, glad you enjoyed this.

  4. joesmat 6 years ago

    Is the lady demonstrating a Classical Pilates student/client or Instructor?
    Thank you.

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 6 years ago

      Hi Joesmat, Angel is actually all three: she is an avid student a client ( in that she takes classes when I am around) and an instructor. Mostly Angel LOVES to work out and move and be challenged, she trains daily and practices many modalities of movement – she is a fabulous athlete.

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