Pilates for Fixing your Feet

Pilates Tools for Fixing Feet

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Niedra works with Will and Sue who have different issues going on with their feet. Will’s arches are collapsed and overstretched and to be strengthened and connected to his center while Sue's feet are healthy but she finds that beginning her sessions with a few minutes of concentrated foot exercises helps her to access the finer details of her entire workout. Using these different sets of feet as examples, Niedra shows how to see what a foot needs and then guides her students through a variety of corrective and strengthening Pilates exercises. There's a wealth of information here to fix most any foot need! Exercises and apparatus demonstrated include arch strengtheners like the Towel; the Toe Corrector to stretch, correct bunions and more; the 2x4 exercises for strength and alignment; the Foot Corrector for breaking up stuck connective tissue or strengthening the entire system; using a Magic Circle to connect the feet to the center; the Reformer for strength and alignment; and using a Small Barrel to stretch the calf and foot. You can train with and learn to teach with Niedra at Mind2Body Studio in Sherman Oaks, California where this class was filmed. Visit Niedra’s website at: www.spirit-moves.com. * PMA CECs available for this class. Click HERE to go to CEC page.

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  1. katrikos 3 years ago

    Oh, wow! Thank you so much, Neidra. I can really relate to Will’s feet and this workout felt so good . I have just recently realized how problematic my feet are ad can’t wait to see and feel some results now that I finally start to take care of them. This was really interesting class!

  2. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thanks Niedra, for the great workout and always is a pleasure to learn from you. xxx Luz

  3. bethmastin85 3 years ago


    I appreciate your work and experience. It shows. I worked one of my clients that has completely flat feet with severe bunions. The rubber band gave much relief!

    I would like to purchase a Gratz foot corrector. They are currently out of them and have been for a long time. Any inside info how to jump start Gratz for a foot corrector? They have my name and don’t really want to switch to another brand. Thanks very much!

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 3 years ago

      Thank you for your post Bethmadtin, the only suggestion I can offer is for you to call them and see if you can talk them into getting this done. sometimes a call is more effective than an email. you can experiment with using a tennis ball or another similuar type ball, it is not a foot corrector but in a pinch I have used balls when I did not have afoot correcter. You will need to think on your feet about how to angle the pressure for your client, but anything is better than nothing… Best of luck.

  4. Leolady 7 years ago

    Hi Niedra,
    Awsome session everyone! Thank you Niedra for sharing your knowledge of feet. Feet are also a big thing in my studio. I do a lot of work with the foot corrector, toe exerciser etc., but especially loved the work you demonstrated with the Circle.
    I have a client with club feet – arches totally collapsed, but he walks with the legs completely turned out like a ballet dancer (the opposite of Will’s hips). Do you have any advice on how to strengthen the inner legs while still keeping the collapsed in mind? Would greatly appreciate any feedback.

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 7 years ago

      HI Shari,
      This is a great question and I am not sure if I can answer it effectively but I will try. If you watched my scoliosis video with Joanne I worked her out in a very sickled position to strengthen her arch and get the outer part of her foot and thigh working, and I suspect your client needs something similar. You will need to force him to contract his arch and work the outer foot, as well as the out leg to give space to the inner thigh. You can also do roll down and up with magic circle on the outside of the legs to get the legs to widen and then work the circle on the inner leg to wake up the muscles now that you have given them space to function.

      I hope this is helpful?
      Let me know,

      • Leolady 7 years ago

        Thank you Niedra, it is very helpful! I am going to try this with him, starting in his next session. Pilates has made such a difference to his feet (and body) already, but I know we can do more. When he started he had no ‘footprint’ – it just looked like a funny shaped triangle, with the toe prints barely visible. Now for the first time in nearly 50 years he is developing, and maintaining, a footprint with small arch and all the toes visible in the print!
        I watched your scoliosis video a while back and it really helped me understand the bone alignment more clearly and freed me to be more confident in really putting the feet firmly into a better position. Again, much gratitude for sharing your passion and knowledge.

  5. pilatesnina 7 years ago

    I really loved this class – very educational, informative and well organized. Helped me a lot. also I was scanning all my clients in my head and thinking which one would need and what. Thank you Niedra.

  6. ladyjane 7 years ago

    I agree Siri, what an experienced teacher Niedra! Lucky for Will to find you! the feet are so important yet so few teachers work to correct the feet. however it does take years of experience to teach this very important work . thank you Niedra, very good information! it is the details that make the difference.

  7. Niedra Gabriel Author
    Niedra Gabriel 7 years ago

    Thank you Siri, always good to connect and share, we are all in this together and each of us gets to expose another aspect of what is so wonderful about this work.

  8. Siri Dharma Galliano

    Extraordinary class and teacher, skilled and no talking about dogs or kids or her life, everything about the student and the work. Such experience and a high level of consciousness
    raises the offerings of the -ology.

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