Pilates Thighs, Butts & Guts Magic Circle w/Clare Dunphy Hemani

Thighs, Butts & Guts Magic Circle

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If you’re a fan of Clare’s Thighs, Butts & Guts Wunda workout, you’ll love this one too! This time, she delivers her targeted workout with the magic circle. You’ll get a deep workout will leave you feeling strong (and perhaps a bit sore) in all the right places. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. Lannette
    Lannette 2 years ago

    “That’s the secret….the inner thigh centerline work is the gateway to the lower abs. Magic!” Yes! Wowza! This was a wonderful class. I actually spontaneously clapped when we finished! It was as thought provoking as it was challenging. I felt so many muscle activations and stabilizations that I hope to transfer to my regular mat and Reformer sessions. I too really enjoy your classes and hope to see more of them here at Pilates.ology. Thank you!

  2. AHORRY 3 years ago

    Clare I love to see more of you on Pilatesology… you are one talented teacher! thank you 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  3. McLachlan 3 years ago

    You asked me what was the tip that I took away from and applied? I am working with a client who recently had a hysterectomy and reconnecting the lower abdominal muscles are what we are focusing on. The very first series of the knees bending and squeezing of the circle as straightening the legs was the ONE. Really helped her find the connection.

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      That’s the secret….the inner thigh centerline work is the gateway to the lower abs. Magic! Super happy to hear what worked and others will be too.

  4. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Unpredictable …. meaning …. you never know how it “behaves”; it checks out you stabilisation, your sense of balance. your coordination …. 🙂

  5. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Great Clare) The Circle is just unpredictable:)

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      What do you mean by unpredictable? Do you mean it’s unruly with certain exercises? Or requires more control for the user?

  6. McLachlan 3 years ago

    Wow really enjoyed that. You keeps it fun and hard all at the same time. Some great tips all the way through.

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      Fun AND hard….wow that’s true of the magic circle for sure! What’s the tip you took away and used with your clients?

  7. loremiller
    loremiller 3 years ago

    Awesome Claire, less is more!. Wow. Great workout and great cuing!!

  8. joesmat 3 years ago

    Would you recommend using the MC if one had Arthritis in both hips, i.e., Femoral Head seating in the Acetabulum – the gap has 30% – 40% affected.
    I do daily Mobilization, which is uncomfortable, but it retains my ROM pretty well. Also, the hip that is most affected is uncomfortable when walking, significantly so, when waling outdoors in cold weather. Surgery – No thanks! Your thoughts most welcome. Thank you very much.

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      I love the MC for arthritis because it keeps the adductors and glutes firing without taxing the ROM. And the glutes tend to shut down with hip pain. One of the greatest things you can do during your matwork is to really reach the legs long out from the hips during each and every exercise. Those hips need traction so you can’t reach them out enough. Best to you Colin!

  9. Victoria Sommer 3 years ago

    Fun class thank you

  10. Mary
    Mary 3 years ago

    It’s always great to see Clare on Pilatesology – another great one – thanks!

  11. Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

    How’s it go? Are you feeling it today?

  12. pmdwp 3 years ago

    So fantastic Clare ???? I’m running to grab my circle right now!!

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