Pilates Wall Exercises for tight shoulders with Alisa wyatt

The Wall for Better Posture

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The Wall is an exercise you can do anywhere and anytime you need to realign your body. It is especially good to practice if you've been hunched over your desk or if traveling to reestablish your connection to your center, relax your shoulders and correct poor posture. This series includes a squat against the wall to strengthen the legs--Joe often had his clients prepare for ski season by holding the squat.

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  1. May
    May 8 years ago

    I have such poor posture; didn’t expect that anything could help. But this short routine made me feel straighter in just a few minutes. I am going to do it everyday! Thank you Alysa!

  2. Mlbrusseau 9 years ago

    I’ve been feeling tightness in my back all week and this really helped to get the blood flowing around the stiffness.

  3. joesmat 9 years ago

    I liked the squat exercise with the back into the wall and arms at shoulder height simultaneously pressing your arms into the wall, palms of the hands facing front. Not come across it in any Classical book.Thank you for that indeed.

  4. abarzdukas 9 years ago

    Got home from a studio workout that was disappointing in the ending — did this with Alisa and it’s perfect. We tend to forget how great this simple exercise is — don’t forget it!

  5. tward 9 years ago

    Great quick class – as a 7+ month pregnant woman this really helped to work some of my stiff back issues.

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