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In this teaching tips session, Victoria shows common Wunda Chair exercises with cues that create lift and length in the torso. Used in this way, the Wunda Chair serves as a system of support for the body to lift out of. Victoria demonstrates how to open the back, front, and sides of the ribs and finishes with a twist to complete the system. Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates66 on New York City’s Upper East Side.

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  1. aubergine22 2 years ago

    Victoria’s hand holds, placement and very pointed verbal cues were brilliant. This session was fascinating to watch in how she sets the student up for success with clear direction. Particularly the end twist. She literally squeezed the length and breadth out of Lori.

  2. Farida Shourbaji 5 years ago

    This class is so absolutely brilliant! A great way to re-energize your winds chair practice and look at the work in a different way! ❤️

  3. joesmat 5 years ago

    My note is addressed to Lori Coleman Brown please!
    Not having this piece of Apparatus, can we not achieve the same benefits, which significantly seemed to me was about finding the TWO WAY STRETCH
    ( a term I understand was introduced to the Method by Jay Grimes) by doing the exercises in Standing, prone and in extension on the mat by incorporating the same principles?
    I practice the stretching techniques all the time in Standing, prone and extension, and would suggest that it would be difficult to quantify the difference qualitatively.
    Look forward to your thoughts!

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