Build Your Basics: Wunda & High Chair

Build Your Basics: Wunda & High Chair

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Join Victoria for this mini-workshop aimed at giving teachers tools that beginner clients need to progress to the next level. In this session of her Build Your Basics series, Victoria shows commonly used exercises that can be done on both a Wunda or a High Chair. Watch or even better, follow along with Victoria’s cues and you’ll gain an understanding of why they are so effective. Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66.

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  1. shotokan 8 months ago

    Hi Victoria. Tracey McGreal here. I really enjoyed this class. So much attention to detail. Thank You!

  2. I love this. I think Victoria is one of my top 5 instructors. I always learn so much and feel so inspired. Thank you.

  3. McLachlan 3 years ago

    Hello Victoria, I really enjoy all of your videos, this was exceptional using the two different chairs, can’t wait to go play at the studio. And by the way I really like your studio .
    Thank you

  4. erinmohr 3 years ago

    Hi, are you saying “shovels”? Just wasn’t sure. thanks!

  5. Deborahstreetgross 3 years ago

    As the new proud owner of the combination chair, I love this video. Thank you! Deborah Gross

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