Advanced Pilates Mat Workout with Alisa Wyatt

Sculpting Mat Revisited

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Spice up your mat by adding Arm & Leg Weights to the mix. Romana often used Leg Weights during the Side Kicks Series to help sculpt the muscles of the hips, glutes and thighs and Alisa adds to that work with several Reformer exercises that feel great when worked on the mat. You’ll appreciate the weights during exercises like Roll Up when the leg weights provide an anchor for your lower body, and you’ll discover how they can help you work deeply in your center to control the added weight on exercises like Leg Circles. There's plenty of attention to the arms here too with Push Ups followed by Arm Weights Series and more. Near the end, Alisa takes off the leg weights when she wants your legs to feel light, making the Teaser and Kneeling Side Kicks perhaps a bit more doable. WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION: 1 or 2 lb. Arm Weights; 1/2 lb. to 2 lb. Leg Weights - the first time you do this workout, use lighter weights than you think you need.

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  1. sls1018 4 months ago

    This is my all time favorite on the site! Thank you, Alisa!! 🙂

  2. jhindman 5 months ago

    whew, this was intense! but i loved it. home during Covid so velcroed 1 lb hand weights to my legs and used full 32oz bottles for my arm weights. worked out really well. thanks for many prompts about muscle groups working AND for your own little expressions of effort–makes me feel in good company!

  3. BisonDan 5 months ago

    Great class and my first with you. I like your style and delivery, very welcoming and approachable. It helped me when you named the muscle group I should have been working; I was flexing my abs when I should have been in glutes. Also, what is this thing you named as “Sphinx”? I feel as though my wife needs to know… Pray Tell

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Glad you enjoyed this one BisonDan :). I had to watch again to remember what I was referring to and it was Spanx — those horribly tight body shaping undergarments that women wear under tight outfits. I actually hate those things but they do hold everything in. 😉

  4. Mary
    Mary 2 years ago

    This is an oldie but goodie – Makes me wish for more leg weight classes…xxoo

  5. ledieva
    ledieva 2 years ago

    I Want more from that workout. More…:)

  6. ledieva
    ledieva 2 years ago

    Great, great workout. Thank you Alisa. 🙂

  7. smbuchanan75
    smbuchanan75 2 years ago

    Fantastic and creative routine! Love the tights 🙂

  8. choi
    choi 5 years ago

    Thank you.

  9. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Awesome,awesome! Now I need to get the leg weights 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Thanks for joining me for that one Kara, the leg weights feel really great–you should definitely get some!

      • Kara Wily
        Kara Wily 4 years ago

        Finally added the leg weights. This was great. I mean not only super challenging, but took the body on a good ride. Thank you! Really loving adding the leg weights for some new experiences.

        • Alisa Wyatt Author

          You know I haven’t used those in ages and your note makes me want to bust the leg weights out right now. It feels so great! Thanks for the reminder Kara!

  10. Kate Burdett
    Kate Burdett 6 years ago

    Absolutely enjoyed this class. I love working with the weights as I used to be a gym bunnie that was before I found pilates!! Excellent to work with them not just against them! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  11. Super Fun Alisa! I do have to take a shower as well….I’m a sweaty mess. Love the way the weights feel during the exercises! Definitely a favorite class.

  12. Katarzyna Dabek 7 years ago

    Fantastic class, favourite of my favourites! It has everything in what my body needs. Thank you Alisa.

  13. victoriamwhittaker 7 years ago

    Hi Alisa, love this class, it is challenging and very satisfying once finished! Can you tell me, how many times a week would you recommend doing this particular class? I do 5 classes a week, so should I do this just once a week or should I try and do it more? I am at an intemediate stage, so I try and do at least one instructional class a week so help me progress. But, I just love it all, I am really seeing the results and I have only been back doing Pilates just over 2 weeks! Thank you!!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Victoria! Sorry it took me so long to write back, we have been on vacation :). Great to hear that you’re seeing results from your workouts!! To answer your question, you can definitely do this class more than 1x a week–I would say up to 3x so long as your body is liking it. If you end up really sore, switch it out with a class that doesn’t include weights or do it without the weights. Or just take a day off–I find that the stronger you get, the quicker your body will respond to a bit of recovery time.

  14. Erica Zeplin 7 years ago


    Do more classes with leg weights 🙂


  15. bilshausen 8 years ago

    Outstanding!! Thank you!!

  16. LKVB 8 years ago

    Super fun and creative!!

  17. sheilamcgregor 8 years ago

    I just LOVE this class!!! It is so AWESOME – thanks soooo much Alisa!

  18. PilatesJuliet 8 years ago

    WOW!! What a workout! I loved the sight changes the ankle weights created to intensify my muscles. I’ve done the mat thousands of times and this session brought tons of new insights. Thank you for sharing!!! I had fun:)

  19. Alisa Wyatt

    I’m so pleased everyone is loving this class!! I really enjoyed teaching it and will do some more fun ones with weights for all of you hard workers.

    • Tbara 8 years ago

      I keep coming back to this workout mainly because of the weights so I can’t wait!!

  20. larisafraser 8 years ago

    wow, loved the leg weights…thanks for emphasizing the butt in short/flat back!

  21. arlene
    arlene 8 years ago

    Sooooo, so, so cute! and at the same time brutal. Loved the teaser, roll over, swimming combination and the elephant walking too.

  22. Leolady 8 years ago

    My butt hurt in places I didn’t know existed – very refreshing after doing Pilates for more than 10 years! My butt thanks you for giving it a kickstart. LOL! Especially liked the breastroke on the mat.

    Definitely adding this to my favourites.

  23. JackieMarrima 8 years ago

    loveeeee it!

  24. soul_eil
    soul_eil 8 years ago


  25. pilatesangel 8 years ago

    Awesome full body! I have used leg weights before but some new variations….I really liked your prep for rollover then into short spine! Felt amazing! Great use of reformer exercises and thanks for emphasizing the booty during the short/flat back….I think that is underemphasized too much! Great fun!!!!!

  26. lghammerle

    Thanks Alisa for the variation with the weights. It looks like a great workout! Tonight I watched and later this week I will try!

    • lainey48 8 years ago

      Thanks Alisa- Loved the variation with the weights. Great workout and fun!

  27. DKimbro 8 years ago

    Loved it!! Thank you!!

  28. Tbara 8 years ago

    =) awesome.

  29. joesmat 8 years ago

    This is an outstanding Mat Challenge and so authentically presented. Never knew Romana used leg weights. Using the Arm and Leg weights like this gave me such a deeper connection throughout. Thank you Pilatesology again for making this original work available.Top Notch Stuff.

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