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Quick Standing Tower Workout

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Tiziana shares a series of standing moves that you can do using the Roll Down Bar at the end of a Cadillac or Tower. It's a quick workout that's like a total gym for your body and will tone your bottom, open your chest, improve posture and more, all in just 5 minutes. It's also a great way to end any mat or Reformer so you can integrate what you've practiced in your workout into an upright position. Learn more about Tiziana’s teaching and studio in Orange County, CA at: www.trovatipilatesworks.com.


What Others Are Saying


  1. janie jennings 5 years ago

    Great series.

  2. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 6 years ago

    Nice series.. I’m looking for exercises for my upper body right now, this is a good series for me. Thanks!

  3. jodie 7 years ago

    This is short and sweet. Will be adding this at the end of my personal pilates practice and will be using with clients. Thanks

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