Pilates Foot Corrector Basics with Tiziana Trovati

Correcting the Feet

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Tiziana explores exercises you can use to fix the feet. Many issues that affect the body can begin in the feet due to fallen arches, weak ankles etc. and can create pain that appears in the knees, hips or low back. This class covers how to use Pilates apparatus for fixing feet and gives many other options for teachers to give as homework using household items such as a rolling pin to improve circulation in tight feet, the Towel exercises for fallen arches, Picking Up Marbles, and several exercises to improve ankle strength and alignment with a Theraband. Tiziana finishes with the Toe Corrector which was created to relieve bunions. She shows how a thick rubber band can substitute for the Toe Corrector so you can do this exercise at home. Visit Tiziana at The Trovati Method.

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  1. giffordpilates 1 year ago

    Thank you for the reminders of all these little exercises Romana taught us. And of course I loved hearing your voice. 🙂

  2. marinayamy 7 years ago

    Tiziana thank you for this informative video, it was very interesting and helpful to me. I do have a couple of questions for you I hope you don’t mind. First of all, with the foot corrector, when you press down with either the toes, arches or heels, do you allow your body weight to shift forward? Also, do you engage the glute in order to press? Or is it only the lower leg working? Second, you mentioned how bowlegged people tend to supinate, and knock kneed people tend to pronate their feet, but with a few of my clients who are knock kneed I notice they are supinators, so thats the opposite of what you said. What does that indicate and what exercises for the feet could help them? Also, with the theraband, what kind of client would you recommend this exercise to? Simply someone with weak ankles? Or will it also help address alignment issues? Same question applies to the towel exercise.
    Sorry for so many questions, I hope you don’t mind! And thanks again for the great video! -amy

    • Tiziana Trovati
      Tiziana Trovati 7 years ago

      Hello Amy! Thank you for watching us on Pilatesology!
      Here’s some answers for you:
      – when you work with the foot corrector your powerhouse is engaged. You want to pull the stomach in and up and when you press down with the foot you want to engage the bottom without shifting the body weight. It’s harder than what you think!
      – I also have knocked knee clients that supinate so that is a general anatomical rule.. That said though sometime you will notice that some of those people supinate to over correct their natural pronation. In either case just work with them to correct their imbalance starting from the hip.
      – The theraband is good for both people who need to strengthen their ankles/feet to those that need to re-allign. Same goes for the towel exercises. Those exercises are great to give as homework as well!
      Hope this helped!

      • marinayamy 7 years ago

        Fantastic Tiziana, thank you so much for your replies, it is really helpful! -Amy

  3. Leolady 9 years ago

    Loved the rolling pin – great idea! Any suggestions for how to specifically address toes that curl under and ‘grip’ or toes that cross over/under each other.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Thank you for your question about toes that curl under and grip. Focus on strengthening and stretching the entire bottom of the foot and toes while always maintaining a connection to your center and a lifted spine. Work on movements that make the toes lift up away from the floor, either one at a time or all at once, spreading them apart from each other as they lift (use your hands to help them get started, toes often forget they can move at all). You can also use the Toe Corrector for this issue–oh fun, we will tape a class on this and put it up for you! Okay more soon…

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