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Ready to strengthen and tone your core, legs and arms? This quick Pilates Mat workout will make your weak spots sizzle! Alisa shares alignment tips and slows down when it really counts for deep results. You'll finish with a standing wall series for an instant posture fix to make you taller all day. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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  1. sauterelle 3 months ago

    I enjoy your classes, Alisa. I have a question for the standing portion of the class: You mention the arch in your back, and then you say to push your back agains the wall. Does the arch remain? I have a hard time getting my back to comfortably push flat against the wall, even with bent knees. I get a scrunching rather than lengthening sensation. Thanks.

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi sauterelle, My lower back has some extra arch so it’s pretty much impossible for me to get all of it against the wall unless I move my legs away so definitely make sure you’re walking your feet two or three steps out. And then, don’t worry if your entire back doesn’t press against the wall completely it should feel good not scrunchy. The goal is to help the muscles that support everything (especially the little ones that get ignored all the time) coordinate better, get stronger and create space between your vertebrae.

  2. nikkireno 3 years ago

    Excellent! In the ‘standing against the wall’ exercise (toward the end) is the back of the head also against the wall?
    thank you

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi nikkireno, the important part is the lengthening of your torso against the wall. If your head doesn’t touch, don’t force it just focus on lengthening your torso and the head will get closer with practice. Thanks for working out with me!

  3. jmcosgro 3 years ago

    Enjoyed the pace and cueing of your class!

  4. klm 3 years ago

    Perfect class! Excellent cuing and information (addressing the ‘why’). Thank you!

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