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Pilates Mat for Neck Pain

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Are you suffering from a pain in the neck? Pilates to the rescue! Tiziana leads a mat session designed to destress your neck while giving the rest of your body the circulation it needs to carry away any inflammation. Tiziana demonstrates how to position your head on the mat and how to know if you need a pillow for support. At the end, she gives 2 optional exercises that you can do when you’re neck is out of pain. These 2 moves will strengthen the upper back muscles to prevent your tension from recurring. Visit Tiziana at: Trovati Pilates Works. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach.  

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  1. Ceci 2 years ago

    Hello and thank you Tinziana for this lesson. It seems to be a relationship between the lower body and the upper body. As you said “releasing the lower body can affect the upper body”. I think it’s so true and sometimes neck issues are so connected with tight harmstrings or lower back ! (through fascia). Do you have any cue / piece of info / good article about that ?

  2. DTickle 2 years ago

    Thank you for this, have a number of clients with neck issues lately and was good to know I have been teaching them correctly but also some great new cues and suggestions

  3. Samantha7 3 years ago

    For a client who has a big kyphosis so that I have to prop with pillows, and neck pain also, how would I do the bridge exercise. I have not done this as I thought it would be contraindicated if the head is on a cushion. Can you suggest a suitable modification ? Thank you !

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