Pilates Basics with Mari Winsor

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Join one of the most famous names in the Pilates world for a basic mat workout that will help you find your center and learn how to use it! One of the reasons so many celebrities rely on Mari Winsor to keep them in shape is her down-to-earth, motivating personality and her decades of experience. Here, she leads you through a simple routine that you can do every day, while demystifying common issues like what to do if you have a stiff back or pain in your neck. Whether you’re a senior or a Pilates teacher, this is a great class for anyone wanting to better understand the fundamental Pilates exercises and feel great doing it. Visit Mari at her website, www.WinsorFit.com. This class was filmed at her studio, Winsor Pilates in West Hollywood.

What Others Are Saying


  1. precious74 12 months ago

    Amazing! thank you!

  2. karendraws123 2 years ago

    Very helpful to focus on the details. Thanks!

  3. Tasha 8 years ago

    I needed a fresh look for my beginning mat class today. This is fantastic!

  4. Marta Diaz Velasco 8 years ago

    Loved the class Mari.. very clear !!!

  5. Vicki 8 years ago

    wonderful! always a pleasure Mari, come back again soon!

  6. presspaws
    presspaws 8 years ago

    So good to see Mari on here, it was Mari’s dvds that first got me hooked on pilates over 10 years ago, now I teach pilates!

  7. FrankZito
    FrankZito 8 years ago

    Mari always makes me smile. Love her!

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