Pilates, Baby Boomers, & Neurodegenerative Disease

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In this workshop aimed at Pilates teachers, see how the mind/body connection is critical to the ever growing Baby Boomer population. Since her diagnosis with ALS, Mari Winsor has used her experience to educate and help others. In this invaluable workshop she explains how Pilates has provided her strength, positivity and courage in the face of her illness. Mari demonstrates ways to work with clients with neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, Parkinson's, or Muscular Dystrophy, including appropriate and safe exercises to promote circulation. She also explains what to listen and feel for when you're assisting a client and leads a complete workout that can be done with a client in a chair. Visit Mari at her website, www.WinsorFit.com. This workshop was filmed at the 2015 Ft. Worth Classical Pilates Conference. Our thanks to host Laura West Strawser and her team. For info on future events, visit Ft Worth Classical Pilates.  

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  1. beezwaan
    beezwaan 5 months ago

    Grateful for Mari Winsor. Her DVDs got me into Pilates years ago. She inspires – in every phase of her life.

  2. Greyhound 3 years ago

    What an example – that life is always what you make out of it…… Thank you Mari.

  3. mdmeyers 4 years ago

    I loved this!! I am definitely marking this as a favorite. Mari you are an inspiration!

  4. StudioSol 4 years ago

    Thank you and bless you Mari! An inspiring and !informative workshop… It adds new depth and understanding to working with seniors in the chair.

  5. Terrific lecture, I’ve learn’t so much. Thank you xx

  6. purepilates

    This was such an inspiring, helpful and eye-opening presentation. Thank you, Mari! The material presented open many avenues in my brain for a new Parkinson’s client starting with me this week. You are an amazing woman. Thank you again.

  7. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Wow! I am completely in awe! That was an amazing workshop , thank you so much Mairi!
    You are such an inspiration so all of us! So positive and upbeat and encouraging kind and so caring.
    I have always admired you , however more and more your spirit touches me more.
    Your courage and strength is so uplifting . Striving to always do our best.
    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    MARYLYON 5 years ago

    Thank you Mari, you’re an inspiration. You are helping so many people who may have lost hope. Instead of feeling hopeLESS they are now hopeFULL!! God bless you and your kindness
    to help others.

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