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If you're a new teacher, don't miss this invaluable mini-workshop in which celebrity trainer Mari Winsor shares on how to teach the Basic Reformer to a healthy first time client. Mari gives tips on key moments in a session from what to say at the very beginning, to how to build trust with the client over the course of the workout and much more. Visit Mari at her website, www.WinsorFit.com.

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  1. neetuwhite 3 years ago

    Wow – what an amazing class full of nuggets of Gold. Thank-you Mari for your years of contribution to the pilates community… I still have my treasured DVD set that I will hold onto forever.
    sending love and positive wishes

  2. judyj11 6 years ago

    Mari, you are so great! Pearls of wisdom on how to reach a new client.!!!

  3. judyj11 6 years ago

    Thanks Mari!
    I loved learning from you at the classical conference in Chicago last year and again, I loved watching you teach this basic reformer lesson. You are the best!!!!

  4. Jon Hawkins

    Thanks Mari, I really wish I had grasped this less is more approach when I started teaching. I have recently had a couple of new clients who had been elsewhere and had either felt picked on by the teacher or a failure because they couldn’t get the breathing etc. One of them is now five lessons in enjoying himself and seeing improvements in his golf already.

  5. cristinaw 6 years ago

    Mari has been my inspiration since I first learned Pilates way back when with my Winsor Pilates videos! Thank you for reminding us to keep it simple and enjoyable. I tell clients all the time, “laugh” because then I know you’re breathing 🙂 Mari, you’re the best!

  6. ladyjane 6 years ago

    I agree with Mary! Mari, that was great advice…….. keep them moving and don’t over correct,make them feel good! you want them to come back! Mari, you are the best! Thank you !

  7. Mary
    Mary 6 years ago

    This is wonderful. Mari really nails what is important and what is not, especially for new clients. Thanks.

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