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Baby boomers are aging and for many Pilates teachers they are the largest population in the studio. As a member of this generation herself, Mari Winsor is keenly aware of the needs of seniors and wants to help teachers understand how to work with them. In this workshop, she humorously shares everything from her own repertoire of exercises that are great for older folks, to thoughts on how to make clients in their twilight years feel good about their bodies. Filmed at the 2013 Arizona Classical Pilates Conference – to learn about upcoming workshops like this one please visit The Pilates Core.

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  1. Pilates_Lover 1 year ago

    Wow! What an amazing workshop! …and what an amazing, fun, dynamic person. Can’t believe I’ve missed this until now. I’m going to look up more of her workshops and workouts.

  2. Kalliopy Robertson 2 years ago

    Thank ms Mari
    I am apprentice of romana pilates
    This session it was very informative
    thank you
    regards Kalliopy

  3. Olga Galkina 6 years ago

    work-out divas – its hilarious!!!

  4. Fernanda Dutra 6 years ago

    Thank You Mari! Since I took your workshops,(when you were in Barcelona), I often thing “keep it simple”,”be kind”,”be positive”, all this advices are so important.!!!! You are GREAT!!

  5. Luiza Galvão

    Very very very good!!!!!
    Thank you, Mari.

  6. Helene Bogart 7 years ago

    You are an awesome individual Ms. Mari!

    MARYLYON 7 years ago

    HOLY MOLY Mari, Timing is everything. I have a brand new client , 80 years old with kyphosis. She is going to really benefit from what I have just studied from this video of yours. We thank you immensely . I can’t wait to see her again tomorrow .Being a baby boomer myself I understand the challenges that can occur.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Chicago at Dana’s seminar. Hugs

  8. pilates 7 years ago

    Always enjoy Mari’s take on Pilates things. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Suebelle
    Suebelle 7 years ago

    What a GEM!
    Mari, thank you for your humor and relaxed delivery of all that great info!! I was personally elated to see I am not the only” Bad Gal”, putting the Spine Corrector on the Caddilac! I did that once in a Power Pilates Studio and once in a Romana Studio ( for an odler client who could not lower down to the raised Mat) Boy did a get whipped for that. I just never seem to fit in no matter where I teach. I am so tired of Ego’s getting in the way of helping people. If I ever on a studio I suppose I will name it Maverick Pilates.
    I look forward to one day having the honor of taking a workshop , or studing with you.
    I never want to stop being a student, as long as I am a teacher. I feel blessed and humble to touch lives through Pilates Movement!
    Gratefully, Sue

  10. ladyjane 7 years ago

    Keeping it real Mari!! I love it! great information,thank you!

  11. troyhyatt 7 years ago

    Isn’t she a kick? So funny and very useful info. I’m going to try some of those moves out on my mother.

  12. Ynowak 7 years ago

    Thank you for being so gracious and sharing your personal experiences here. So much great information.

  13. Martin 7 years ago

    Fantastic insights about touch when dealing with clients. That alone could be a whole video 🙂

  14. lghammerle

    Thank you Mari! It’s nice to hear all this information put together. I took notes as I watched and now have my notes to refer to when I need something different than what I usually do with my older clients.

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