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Victoria leads the advanced version of her signature Mat with a Towel class. in this session you'll never put the towel down, using it to gain strength, stabilize your joints and increase flexibility. Filmed at Pilates on 66th, Victoria’s studio on NYC’s Upper East Side.

What Others Are Saying


  1. nimble 5 months ago

    So fun and challenging, Victoria. Thank you. LOVED the ending using the towel for arm weight exercises – I discovered so many things!

  2. fionagordonmiller 3 years ago

    Loved to try something new Victoria. super class!!

  3. Ellibelli 4 years ago

    Another AMAZING class of yours, Victoria!! started a bit tired and stiff and am now feeling so much better: rested, energetic and joyful 😉 A huge Thank you from Switzerland!

  4. Thank you Victoria for this fun and challenging workout!

  5. lainey48 6 years ago

    Loved the workout Victoria! I did it with a stretch band!

  6. Mary
    Mary 6 years ago

    Victoria’s original Mat with a Towel class is a long-standing favorite of mine. This is a welcome addition. Great job, all.

  7. joesmat 6 years ago

    Does the use of the TOWEL as demonstrated here come from Romana?

  8. lghammerle

    Great workout Victoria! I watched it now, but can’t wait to try it later!

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