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Michael Johnson shares his tips on the Long Stretch, including a few variations that he uses in his own practice and how they relate to gymnastics. Watch him and get new cues for your clients and for deepening your own workouts. Check out Michael’s Instagram page, where you can contact him to teach workshops or private lessons in NYC. Our thanks to The Art of Control™ in Stamford, CT where this was filmed.  

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  1. Fitchick72 6 months ago

    Excellent explanation! Loved this and all the variations. I have begun branching out in my education and have come across many teaching posterior tilt as a bracing sequence before plank work. Would love more from Micheal.
    Thank You for sharing!

  2. Madhavi Abuja 6 months ago

    Why the posterior tilt? thought pelvis should always be in neutral

    • Michael Johnson Author
      Michael Johnson 6 months ago

      Most of all great methods that I have studied lean towards a posterior pelvis in plank training. Not overly tucked but active. I always ask people how do you know your pelvis is neutral? While in the exercise? And especially during a moving plank like the reformer why would you want it neutral when my arms are stretched out to the point I demonstrate in this video. Imagine if I had 1 spring or no springs? A neutral pelvis would not hold up to the demands of 1 to no springs. A goal to inspire to do one day.
      Romana always made me demonstrate my question to her, and often you will answer your own question ? I hope I answered your question!! All my best.


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