Increased Shoulder Mobility in Rowing

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Michael Johnson shares his unique take on the Rowing series. Follow him through the classical exercises with variations and cues that will awaken more mobility (and muscles) than you thought you had! Check out Michael’s Instagram page, where you can contact him to teach workshops or private lessons in NYC. Our thanks to The Art of Control™ in Stamford, CT where this was filmed.

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  1. Fitchick72 4 weeks ago

    This was beyond FANTASTIC! I’m going to watch again and again and again……just to fully digest it all.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You! Incredible from beginning to end!

  2. Avishag 4 weeks ago

    Michael this was outstanding. I learned a lot from this short video as I always do from your tutorials. You packed so much info in it about exercises I always struggle with my clients. Not to forget my own shoulder mobility which I have to work on. Thank you so much.

    • Michael Johnson Author
      Michael Johnson 3 weeks ago

      I am glad you found value in the info


  3. Lori1 1 month ago

    I’m not a teacher, just a very interested student and this tutorial was exceptionally helpful for me. Thank you.

    • Michael Johnson Author
      Michael Johnson 1 month ago

      Thanks for your feedback, I am still a student too! 😁MJ

  4. Ingridtonelli 1 month ago

    Terrific class Michael, as always! You truly help us reach our potential through hard work, excellent verbal cueing and lots of inspiration. Thank you!

    • Michael Johnson Author
      Michael Johnson 1 month ago

      Ingrid I am so lucky to work with you on a continual basis. Thanks for believing in the process. Your body movements are gaining strength and control. Thanks for watching !! All my best MJ

  5. pamdej 1 month ago

    Fantastic explanation of what Joseph Pilates was aiming for int the Rowing Series. Most of this has been lost over time. Than you for the reminder. This information is very valuable.

  6. Exceptional instruction! Thank you for the care and time you’ve taken to understand and share this series. It always felt awkward, clients hated it!, but I knew it had great potential. I hope to see more from you in the future.
    jenn mccandless
    bodykind pilates
    santa barbara

    • Michael Johnson Author
      Michael Johnson 1 month ago

      Please let me know if it’s helpful and thanks for watching ! MJ

  7. DKimbro 1 month ago

    That…was awesome! Thank you!

  8. mostah87 1 month ago


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