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Discover why the Pilates Wall series is not just for beginners. Learn the details behind the Wall, from why we do it at the end of the workout to the goals of each segment and how to better achieve them for any level client. Follow along with Sandy’s student Debbie to feel the movements in your own body or simply observe and learn from Sandy’s illustrative cues. Filmed at Vintage Pilates.

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  1. Tani
    Tani 4 years ago

    I’m curious what weights you are using? 1lb?
    Great work Debbie (you were a champ with those arms out to the side along the wall) – nice trick Sandy asking questions to distract her mind while being physically challenged. 🙂

  2. RoxE 5 years ago

    I forgot to thank Debbie!! Thank you Debbie – you made it look easy but I know
    how hard it is to do things right!

  3. RoxE 5 years ago

    Thank you Sandy (as always I enjoy your teaching 🙂

  4. michaelabendrihem 5 years ago

    Beautiful lesson and so enriching.

    Hope this will works with my clients which ones doesn’t feel anything ( no abs, no back …) while working on Reformer.

    Thank you Sandy

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Michaela – Remember to enjoy the process of getting your clients to feel their own bodies. Pilates builds upon itself no matter what apparatus you use, so be patient and encouraging. It does take time to develop the Center of the body, and the fact that you are always learning new ways to help them is a good sign!

  5. Alexandra Bohlinger
    Alexandra Bohlinger 6 years ago

    Thanks Sandy for some valuable ideas on how to start some exercises (foot work…)! I hope to come see you guys next time I’m in LA 🙂

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Alexandra! Great to hear from you. Yes, please stop in to the studio next time you are around!

  6. ladyjane 6 years ago

    Haha! Glad you like the name Sandy……… from the Rolling Stones 1966″ Lady Jane”!
    Yes! this has been a big help to me helping me find my seat and stomach big time, i have a new appreciation of the wall :-))))

  7. ladyjane 6 years ago

    Love this Sandy and Debbie! Thank you!
    I think this will be great for my 3rd trimester pregnant ladies when i don’t want to have them on their backs too long.
    Great to get that arm /back connection…………love the 100 and rowing here !
    A nice reminder to use the wall more often with ALL clients!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Lady Jane, great idea for your pregnant ladies. I have also been known to use the wall before putting my experienced students on the reformer. It gets them immediately connected to their stomach and seat once they lie horizontally on the equipment. And if I haven’t told you, I love your name!

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