Cadillac Progressions with Inelia Garcia (PORTUGUESE)

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In this workshop for teachers, Inelia Garcia presents progressions on the Cadillac to help you understand it’s role in the studio system for all types of clients. You’ll see how every basic exercise is the precursor for an advanced movement and why it’s so critical to achieve correct alignment from the very beginning. Inelia brilliantly demonstrates exactly how to easily set up and progress your clients, giving tips that you’ll be eager to use in your next lesson. For instance, learn why it’s important to use a pillow to relax the neck, why women shouldn’t use their arms when they begin using Leg Springs, exactly where to touch your client to activate the Transverse Abdominus to keep the abs from sticking out, why we turn the head and look into the armpit when practicing the One Arm Roll Down, how to fix Diastasis Rectis and so much more. Beyond her tips, you’ll see the entire method illuminated and organized in a way that will makes common sense and will leave you hungry for more. Click here to learn more about Inelia’s upcoming Pilates conference, open to all teachers in February 2020. You can find one of her many studios and teacher training centers at The Pilates Studio Brasil. Our thanks to Lesley Bell who organizes the annual Palermo Pilates Symposium.

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  1. karinaspacov 2 months ago

    Inelia is amazing !!!! I love the way she prepares our bodies, how she builds the exercises in different apparatus.

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