Basic Reformer with Jumpboard w/ Cary Regan

Basic Reformer with Jumpboard

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Jjoin Cary Regan, a hidden treasure in the Pilates world, as she works with Caroline, a hypermobile dancer who has some Pilates experience but not much on the Reformer. Cary takes her through her paces, all the while mixing in her trademark humor and applying her innate knowledge of the method to Caroline's needs. The workout finishes with an introduction to the jumpboard, taught the way it was done in Romana's studio. Our thanks to Uptown Pilates West Village studio where this class was filmed and where you can find Cary teaching.

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  1. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    This class was 30% amazing revelations and 70% frustration for me. The number of springs was never mentioned until the very end. Yes, I know there are traditional spring settings but this class was very non-traditional so it left me in a perpetual state of wondering. 🙂 As a former dancer, I learned so much but had to work so hard to filter out the golden nuggets. Caroline seemed totally lost in certain places. That made me feel even more lost. Perhaps a quick rehearsal of the more unusual movements would have helped? I would love to see this class refilmed in a more flowing manner for after we’ve watched this introductory video. It’s an amazing sequence and even with all the commentary left my body feeling worked, yet open and relaxed. Thank you Cary!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Lannette! We totally hear you–this class is absolutely brilliant, and difficult to follow if you’re at home because it was Cary’s first time filming and we bamboozled her into doing more than she had signed up for (thanks for being a sport Cary!). Also, her student Caroline is extremely hypermobile which in my opinion can be the most difficult body type to teach and makes it hard for Caroline to feel what she needs to do, which explains why she appeared to not be getting it at times (she also had very little experience on the Reformer). We love hearing your feedback and I’m adding a Basic Reformer Workout Cary’s list when we see her in April so look for another version coming up in the Spring.

      • Lannette
        Lannette 3 years ago

        Thanks so much for explaining Alissa. It all makes so much sense. I very much look forward to seeing a new version and anything else Cary films in spring. I’ve enjoyed her other overings here at Pilates.ology and am actually still thinking about the insights I got from this session. In hindsight I should have stopped and planned to watch this class as a clinic rather than trying to make it a follow along.

  2. ckthomson
    ckthomson 3 years ago

    Love your demeanor and the workout. Thank you!

  3. MiraN 4 years ago

    She has some great insights on form, but I only have so much time each day to devote to a pilates workout and this one was too much commentary for me. I am a beginner but still think that form can be explained in less time like some of the other teachers teach on here. I like the exercise transitions to have a quicker flow to them with less banter. Also, my 5 yr old daughter does the exercises on the mat next to me and I didn’t appreciate the minor swearing Cary does . I likely won’t be watching this one again, but there is great content and it will likely be helpful for others. I don’t mean to be a nay-sayer, just saying that if someone is looking for a teaching style with more exercises in a shorter amount of time, this isn’t the one to choose. Mari Winsor’s beginner workout is a good one for that. Overall, this workout is a bit leisurely in its speed but still great tips on form. 🙂

  4. Caboose 5 years ago

    That’s was a lot of fun. Learned how to really isolate core. The jumping was a workout also. Look for more classes with you

  5. carmen
    carmen 5 years ago

    Thank you! I simply love Cary’s approach to the work. She loves teaching.

  6. Jen Pollack
    Jen Pollack 5 years ago

    Ahhhhh! Pilates with humor too! Reminds me of Dance Space. Great to see you Cary! I agree, more Cary please!

  7. Reb 5 years ago

    What a wonderful class! Great teacher, great student.

  8. pilatesgal50 5 years ago

    You are awesome and FUNNY! Thanks for new insights and cues… and one liners! More Cary, please.

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