Basic Reformer for Apprentices (Portuguese)

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Join Miguel and Ernesto for a flowing Basic Reformer session aimed at helping any classical Pilates apprentice in training. This workout follows the order apprentices need to learn by memory and be able to teach and perform. If you're not a Pilates teacher or apprentice, you're in for a vigorous workout with specific cues for improving your precision, alignment and flow! Our thanks to Universo Pilates in Seville, Spain where this was filmed. For teacher training and more, visit Miguel at Uno Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Herlon 5 months ago

    Muito excelente explicação. Parabéns… aqui sou de família Silva também, mas no Brasil!

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 5 months ago

      Muito obrigado pelo feedback! e por assistir aos nossos videos!

      Um abraço!!

  2. Brasfit.Cologne
    Brasfit.Cologne 2 years ago

    Muito bom Trabalho Miguel!… Obrigado. Great! I loved it.

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 2 years ago

      Muito obrigado por assistir!!

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