Basic Ladder Barrel Stretches – Part 1 of 4

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MeJo takes her student Stan, who is an avid surfer, through all of the Pilates stretches on the Ladder Barrel that are appropriate for his body. Stan is a natural athlete but has tight hips, legs and back and very little Pilates experience so this is both an excellent detailed example of how to do these exercises as it is how to teach them to anyone with a similar body type. If you'd like to learn more with MeJo on the Ladder Barrel, watch for 3 more parts to this series. For her teaching and workshop schedule, visit MeJo at

What Others Are Saying


  1. Alexandra Formiller
    Alexandra Formiller 3 years ago

    That was the perfect ending to my reformer workout. Feels delicious! Hope to meet you in person one day, MeJo!!

  2. catedavies 3 years ago

    So useful to see beginner being taught. Will re-watch for some great touch techniques & cues. Impressive pace!

  3. Lucy McBride 4 years ago

    Off for a stretch on my ladder barrel! Lots of my clients will benefit from these stretches – thanks Mejo!!

  4. BoniCT 4 years ago

    Love Love Love… dang some great great teachers !!

  5. Lynda Slaughter 7 years ago

    Excellent set up, precision cueing and great touch techniques!.
    Very impressed how easily you moved this first timer through these stretches targeting all the areas which needed attention.

  6. DonnaLongo

    Loved the side bend hanging that top leg! Looks delicious! Thanks MeJo.

  7. soul_eil

    Yay Stan! Great class Mejo 😉

  8. LJPilates
    LJPilates 7 years ago

    Go Stan!

  9. Love it!!! Going to watch part 2 right now!!

  10. carolina2013 8 years ago

    Nice workout

  11. arlene
    arlene 8 years ago

    Ladder Barrel is a lifesaver!!! Love the way MeJo maintains the flow here.

  12. DKimbro 8 years ago

    Looking forward to more MeJo and more Ladder Barrel!!!

  13. joesmat 8 years ago

    The gentleman is very good. He made it all look so easy.

  14. mlmllm68 8 years ago

    Thanks for using the ladder barrel. There aren’t many class with it. Why you teach kneeling hip / hams stretch with the ladder instead of standing ? Are there more benefit for Stan? Grazie

  15. Reb 8 years ago

    Great class, MeJo! Can’t wait to see the other parts!

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