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If you’re using a home version of a Reformer that comes without a box this session is for you! Kara leads a simple yet deep workout aimed at strength, flexibility and control. It’s some of the best anti-aging work you can do and when practiced regularly will help keep you looking and feeling younger than your years. Visit Kara at

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  1. thelinda_sari 10 months ago

    Hi Kara, I really appreciate that you gave your honest best instruction into this video! I can tell they work also from your body posture. Please kindly make more video on the Reformer in the future. Thank you!

  2. AllisonS 12 months ago

    Appreciate these reformer workouts without the box!

  3. LeeLee 2 years ago

    Please make more quick workout videos without the box

    • Kara Wily Author
      Kara Wily 1 year ago

      Leelee–I would love to. Look around on the site, though, there is plenty of great material.

  4. LeeLee 4 years ago

    Please make more videos without a box…thank you!

  5. Kelly Hurley
    Kelly Hurley 4 years ago

    Hi alisa, same question as above, is this video coming back? Thanks, Kelly.

  6. blspilates 4 years ago

    What happened to the “endings workshop”? I started it but didn’t get a chance to finish. Now it is not there.

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