Discover Your Inner Athlete with Pilates

Discover Your Inner Athlete Pilates Program

In the vast world of fitness, one truth remains constant: everyone is an athlete. Regardless of your current fitness level or experience, there’s an inner athlete waiting to be unleashed. Whether you’re active in sports or love your daily walks, cross-training is the secret sauce that propels athletes to new heights, enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall performance.

Enter Your Inner Athlete, a Pilates program designed to help you discover what the ultimate cross-training method can do for your performance. Each workout in the 9 class Pilates series targets a different component of athletic ability. You’ll notice an immediate difference in how you move and as you work through the series the results continue to build.

Whether you run, surf, roller skate, lift weights, or just love playing pickleball, Pilates is one of the best exercises for cross-training to supplement your favorite sports & activities.

Pilates teaches your body & brain how to move correctly with proper alignment and balanced muscle strength to do the activities you love most. After practicing Pilates consistently, your body develops muscle memory to perform activities better.

This is especially beneficial for when you’re performing an activity that doesn’t give you time to think of your movement patterns. For example, if your activity or sport requires getting into a squat position and you’re off balance every time, it will lead to injury. Pilates creates strength in the body that ensures proper alignment and control.

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Awaken Your Inner Athlete

Awaken your inner athlete while reducing pain and injury with the ultimate cross-training method, Pilates. Each workout in this 9 class series targets one component of athletic ability and then brings it all together for full body integration. You’ll discover which layers of athleticism you need more of including: stability, mobility, agility, rotation, core engagement, transfer of power and push/pull.

The majority of the series uses no equipment, one class a magic circle and another a long pole (a broom works). You’ll also get a bonus Reformer workout and a Full Studio Workout. This series is for all-levels of Pilates fans eager to dig deeper while honing your listening ability, coordination, and willingness to work hard for amazing results.

In this series you will:

  • Train different aspects of athleticism
  • Go beyond your limits with super-challenging workouts
  • Hone your listening ability
  • Awaken your inner athlete

In conclusion, Your Inner Athlete is a transformative journey towards awakening your athleticism and inner strength. Through this ultimate cross-training method, Pilates becomes the key to unlocking your potential while simultaneously reducing pain and minimizing the risk of injury. Your Inner Athlete invites you to embrace the challenge, discover your layers of athleticism, and emerge with newfound strength, agility, and resilience. Get ready to soar!


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