What To Do If You Have Neck Pain In Pilates

how to avoid neck strain in pilates

Do you feel neck strain or pain when you do Pilates exercises?

You’re not alone! Neck strain during Pilates is extremely common, especially when you’re getting started.

Strain happens mostly in exercises where you’re lifting your head up for an extended period of time; like in The Hundred or Single Leg Stretch.

The good news is there are easy fixes for this problem!

Try these tips in your next workout so you can enjoy pain-free Pilates. Because we want sore abs, not necks!

TIP #1: Put your head down when you feel neck strain

One of the best and quickest ways to alleviate tension is to put your head down when your neck starts getting tired.

As you’re working out, put your head down when you feel strain and lift it back up when it feels better. You can do this as much as needed.

Over time, your upper abdominals will get stronger, and you’ll feel the power happening from your abs to lift you, instead of your neck.

You’ll still be getting all of the benefits of your workout when you rest your neck!

Another way to avoid neck strain is to place folded towels or a firm pillow right behind your head (not under your neck).

If you have tension or tightness in your upper back, you might find that your chin is a little lifted when you’re lying down and it’s hard to get your neck to relax. By placing the pillow or towels behind your head, you can keep your head level and activate your upper abdominals during these exercises.

It might take a bit of time to get to the point where you don’t have strain, so be patient and be sure to modify instead of working through the pain.

Watch this TIP VIDEO: What to do if your neck hurts in Pilates

Check out Alisa’s Tip Video: What to do if your neck hurts in Pilates


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