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Pilates has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. The major benefits of Pilates come from mindful movement combined with targeted, effective exercises that all flow together with precision.

Pilates exercises, whether done on the mat or a Pilates apparatus like the Reformer, are designed to improve overall strength, flexibility, & posture (just to name a few…), giving you better functional control with your day-to-day activities.

The goal is to be in total control of your body (the original name for Pilates was Contrology). That requires beginning from your central core muscles (or powerhouse) and using the stability from these muscles to smoothly control your arms, legs and other areas of your body.

Even though Pilates is low-impact with slow and controlled movement, the exercises can mold and shape one’s body while building strength and stamina. Here are our top 5 benefits of Pilates and why you need to incorporate this exercise into your fitness regimen!

1. Increases strength & posture

The core is the center of the body where all movement stems from, and Pilates is the best exercise to target the core to support and stabilize the entire body.

While Pilates focuses on building core strength in almost every exercise, this is still a full body workout because of the connection from the core to all other areas of the body. Which is why you not only strengthen your core in Pilates, but build full body muscle and improve posture.

Tip: Watch this video, Are My Abs Working Correctly?, to see if you’re using your stomach muscles correctly in Pilates!

2. Relieves pain or tension

Pilates is an amazing exercise for treating pain because it addresses and corrects underlying structural imbalances in the body.

With the emphasis on building a strong core in its exercises, Pilates promotes better posture which, in turn, can prevent or relieve the muscle tension that builds up in day-to-day routines, like sitting at a desk all day or hunching over your phone.

With any pain in the body, it’s always best to consult a doctor before trying exercises to alleviate the pain.

Tip: Use the search bar on Pilatesology to find classes that can help relieve pain you’re feeling. Search “relieve pain” or the specific type of pain you’re feeling to see if we have a class for you. See some examples below:

3. Improves flexibility & mobility

We hear from Pilatesology members all the time how they can finally reach their toes when bending forward! Pilates moves are designed to help you safely increase the length and stretchability of your muscles – which leads to improved flexibility and mobility.

Tip: We have a ton of stretchy mat classes to help improve your flexibility! Check out our Slow & Stretchy playlist to see our collection of stretching classes!

4. Promotes mindfulness & body awareness

Pilates is a mindful practice with breathing at the center of every movement. Breath is one of the most powerful tools to connect with your body and calm the mind.

Breathing is one of Joseph Pilates’ 8 Principles of Pilates and is an essential component of all Pilates classes.

Pilates directs your focus inward to help you be present and feel the muscle mind connection in your body. Breath to movement in Pilates gives you a meditative space for your mind to clear and de-stress.

Tip: See this video on the Anatomy of Breathing in Pilates & check out this blog to learn more about How Pilates Benefits Your Mental Health.

5. Improves sleep & is a mood booster!

There’s no better feeling than finishing a long day, getting to bed, and falling asleep instantly! Pilates helps boost endorphins and calm the nervous system which promotes consistent, healthy sleep patterns and a happier mood.

Tip: Try one of our slow mat classes during your wind down time before bed. See one of our faves below:

sleep deeply mat
Sleep Deeply Mat

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