Bye Bye Belly Postnatal Mat

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If you’re eager to get your body back after pregnancy, this class is a great way to start! Elvy begins with key exercises for waking up the muscles of the abdomen and continues through a mat workout with simple modifications for a post-natal body. The session moves at a continuous but slow enough pace to really find the work deep in the abdominals—doing it right is the goal when your body is in recovery and will provide quick results. Visit Elvy at her Montclair, New Jersey studio, Casa Pilates. A big thanks to Pilates Challenge on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where this class was filmed.

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  1. Ellibelli 1 year ago

    Very nice, thank you!

  2. yasmin_scholten
    yasmin_scholten 4 years ago

    Nice Mummy-Workout, Elvy. Now I feel better :-). Thank you!

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