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Observing Anthony teach is like being brought back to the roots of Pilates, and this video is no exception. His student, Amy Berger, a teacher herself, arrived feeling a bit frazzled and with a cold and you'll see how Anthony leads her calmly and authoritatively through a workout designed to help her feel empowered and strong. Watch how Anthony uses his hands to support her, his confident and commanding presence, his way of standing back for a different perspective and to give her space to learn. There's so much here for teachers to discover! For teacher training and lessons with Anthony Rabara, visit his studio in Princeton, NJ: Anthony Rabara Pilates.

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  1. Kim Paxton

    An absolute pleasure to watch you both. Thank you ????????

  2. Kpatallas 3 years ago

    Thank you for filming this! Beautiful to watch the interaction.

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