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If you are dealing with the effects of Parkinson's Disease, this workout can help to maintain your strength, control and ability to walk normally. Your teacher is Sabina Formichella, a recognized authority for her research on Pilates’ effects on neurological disorders. Follow along with her student Silvana who discovered that she had Parkinson’s in 2014, and started working right away with Sabina, and has greatly benefitted from Pilates in the 3 years since then. The main difficulty with Parkinson’s is the brain connection to movement as well as creating stability and control in the body to prevent falling. You’ll notice there are several lateral stretches to help prevent the forward posture that is a symptom of this disease. Visit Sabina at True Pilates Italia in Rome, where this session was filmed.

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  1. Sabina, my first apparatus client came to me 12 years ago with PD. I am happy to say he is still with me! This was great information! I especially like the gait instruction with the arms. Thanks so much, and please share some more !!!

  2. plockard 2 years ago

    Great information. I am currently working with a client with Parkinson’s that has really improved (physically and mentally) with Pilates. She is convinced that this mode of exercise meets her needs. Would love to see more videos on this topic using the apparatus. Thanks

    • Sabina Formichella Author
      Sabina Formichella 2 years ago

      Pilates can really help both mind and body in Parkinson disease. Clients clearly feel they can walk better, have less freezing and can better prevent falls by improving their walking.

  3. cespeirs 2 years ago

    Che brava!! I’m very excited about how Pilates can help individuals with neurological disorders. Because it is such a precise practice that offers lots of progression and can be adapted to meet clients where they are, I feel there is much opportunity! Mille grazie per questa bellissimo programma.

    • Sabina Formichella Author
      Sabina Formichella 2 years ago

      grazie a te! it is wonderful to share on Pilatesology

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