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Join Junghee for a quick session on the Pilates Wall Unit with variations that will work your entire body. If you’re not familiar with the Tower, you’ll appreciate her specifics on how to change the springs and what to watch out for to get the most out of each exercise. Note that if you own a combo Reformer/Tower you can do this entire workout on it! Visit Junghee at Can Do Fitness in Edgewater, NJ.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Madhavi Abuja 4 years ago

    Thank you for explaining the spring settings and how to hold spring tension (ie springs should not shake)

  2. LeeLee 4 years ago

    ???? love this quick workout

  3. Anne Lukaska 5 years ago

    Great video. I love your version of the roll back. It should also be mentioned that your hairstyle is adorable on you. Thanks!

  4. soul_eil

    I’ve this one a few times when I’m short on time…gets it all done ;))

  5. lili.viola

    I love Junghee! Great demonstration on a simple yet strong and effective Tower workout.

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