Junghee Won Pilates Reformer class for Back Pain

Full Studio Session for Back Issues

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Junghee teaches Si-Yeon, a petite Pilates instructor and former gymnast who has some back issues—namely disk surgery and sciatica as well as sensitive wrists and knees. Known for her common sense approach and no-nonsense manner, Junghee takes Si-Yeon through a vigorous workout that is notable for how little she modifies the exercises. Instead, she brings attention to working more deeply when Si-Yeon needs to and simply leaves out exercises that are not good for her body. Junghee’s hands-on assistance helps Si-Yeon find length in her spine and also teaches her to use her Powerhouse to support it. There are several adjustments to the apparatus that are helpful for a petite body and the session finishes with work on the Wunda Chair and Pedi-Pole. Filmed at Can Do Fitness, Edgewater, NJ.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    You are such a fabulous teacher!

  2. lili.viola

    Great session Junghee! I love your teaching, your energy, your pace, and knowledge of what to look for in your client’s body with each exercise. Would love to be a student of yours!

  3. sandrita
    sandrita 7 years ago

    muchas gracias…. estoy feliz de estar en Pilatesology…..

  4. soul_eil

    2 springs for Chest Expansion, I think I have only used 1. I loved how Si-Youn had to reach her back up long to get into position. Very effective. Thanks Junghee for a great video, a client tomorrow has similar back, sciatic, wrist and knee issues..I will use what I learned here when I work with her tomorrow!

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 8 years ago

      Hi soul_eil, Thank you for leaving your comment. It is very important to study about my teaching to hear from people like you. So, thank you!
      I just want to say; very careful to teach your client. I don’t know about your client body condition. Si-Youn has very strong movement background and practiced Pilates for long time and she is a Pilates instructor as I mentioned on comment. And I know her body very well for long time. This session is not common for many issues body. Depending on shoulders and arms condition, you can use 1 spring or 2 springs for Chest Expansion. I used 2 springs for Si-Youn is preventing not to curve her back and out of pressure from lower back in some case and she is strong. So, it makes sense to use 2 springs for her. Why not? 1 spring can reach arms way back far, so sometime people can push the ribs out and collapse the spine IF they don’t know what they are doing. Even advanced level, I support them with my hands a lot specially many body issues.
      Good luck for tomorrow and as you know, always be careful with clients with many body issues. Best, Junghee

  5. joesmat 8 years ago

    I found this very interesting. Looks like you have a special interest in working with back strengthening. Many of the stretches you worked are not often spoken about for maintaining a strong and healthy back.
    I use the “curling” the tailbone off the mat that you cued Si-Yeon to do at the beginning to strtetch her back as opposed to keeping it long on the mat. It really free’s off your lower back. Also the knee bent across the Wunda chair other leg out behind stretch, is very effective indeed. Never came across this sort of emphasis before in the Method
    .Maybe, you will consider giving a session for “stretching and strengthening the lower back” (most common area for back issues) on the mat, for those of us without big apparatus!!

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 8 years ago

      Hi Joesmat again!
      Si-Youn has a very strong body with dance and gymnastic background and she is a Pilates instructor with many years experience. I’m a very first Pilates teacher for her in the past and I know her personally over 15 years which means that I know even her daily life movement habit. I’m very familiar with her body and know what she needs and feels good for her back issue. If she is a beginner and has weak core, I wouldn’t teach her like this video. I listen to her which is most important information how I should guide her for the session because she has already knowledge of both body and Pilates.
      Thank you for your comment Joesmat!

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