Pilates Tower Toner with Papalia

Time Crunch Tower Toner

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This Tower workout packs a punch! Gina takes you through her own variations on the Leg and Arm springs series for days when you’re short on time but looking for maximum results. Enjoy! Visit Gina at Grasshopper Pilates where this session was filmed.

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  1. Carolyne_Ergin

    Thank you!

  2. LeeLee 5 years ago

    That was nice…

  3. Gina Papalia
    Gina Papalia 6 years ago

    Thanks for working out with me! More to come soon!
    xx gina

  4. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    This is my third Saturday in a row doing this, I love it!

  5. PurePilatesAmsterdam21 6 years ago

    A great workout that I can squeeze between my sessions with my clients.

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 6 years ago

      Thanks Cheryl!
      Great idea! I need to do the same! Especially before those clients that run a little late 🙂
      xx miss you!

  6. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    Gina is so amazing!

  7. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts 6 years ago

    I love the idea of the last exercise in the squat position while doing the arm work. Looks killer!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 6 years ago

      Killer! Have you tried it yet? That is something that my friend Jessie Green did in a class I was in with her. Love it!

  8. N1727
    N1727 6 years ago

    Another great workout that gets it done in a short time, thank you Gina!

  9. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thanks very much Gina, effective Tower workout. Suitable for everybody! Just let move.

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